Ballistic Max Cut Compound - 1 Gallon

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The P&S Ballistic Compound Max Cut Compound is a heavy corrective compound, designed to remove heavy imperfections with ease! Heavy imperfections can be tough to remove, especially when you are dealing with harder paint finishes or gel coats. P&S had these types of finishes in mind when developing Ballistic and paired heavy correction ability with long work time and lower compounding haze output. This formulation allows you to remove 1000 grit sanding scratches or finer, oxidation, fallout, water spots, and other imperfections safely and easily. You can use it with a rotary or a dual action polisher and with either wool or foam cutting pads. It is safe for use on all paint finishes and works fast and easy, with easy excess polish removal. If you are looking to remove ugly, heavy imperfections, the P&S Ballistic Compound Max Cut Compound is a great item to add to your detailing collection!